Blogmas Day 22: Holiday Grammar

blogmasbannerHello there lovely readers, and welcome to the 22nd day of Blogmas 2015!!!

I came across an online quiz through today’s Google Doodle, and thought it was so apropos that I had to share it with you.  This online quiz, which can be taken here, tests your knowledge of correct spelling for some of the words most commonly mispelled around the Christmas season, such as ’tis, threshold, poinsettia. See how many you get right!!!

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Blogmas Day 5: Writing Out Christmas Cards


Happy fifth day of Blogmas all!!!

One of my favourite things about getting in the Christmas spirit is sending Christmas cards to family and friends. I love going through stationary stores and picking out the cards I am going to use each year, and writing out personal messages to everyone. I know snail mail is going out of style, but there is something really special about mailing actual cards, not just firing off a quick email.

This year, I went with these pale pink cards with gold ornaments on them. I picked them up from Chapters a few weeks ago, but now they’re on sale, so if you’d like some, click here. Each box set comes with 15 cards and envelopes, just enough for everyone in my family, and an extra in case I accidentally mess up on one. Writing in pen looks so much better, but it’s so easy to mess up!!!

So how about you: Do you send out Christmas cards???

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The Perfect Paris Travel Book

IMG_6047Before leaving for Paris, I read numerous travel guides, and pored over maps of the arrondissements and the metro. I made lists of what I wanted to see most, and planned out what I could see on which days to limit travel time and maximize fun. But then I got to Paris and stumbled into Colette, one of the weirdest stores I have ever been in. With booming music, people everywhere, and a host of random products with no concrete theme, it was unlike any store I had seen. From Hello Kitty Polaroid cameras, to a wall of magazines I had never heard of, to office supplies, to clothes, to candy and keychains, Colette had it all.

Pages 22-23
Pages 22-23

Finding my comfort zone in the notebook and stationary section, I came across the book This is my Paris by Marie Bashkirtseff, with text and compilation by Petra de Hamer. Along the lines of the Wreck my Journal concept, this book is touted as a “travel diary, activity book, and city guide in one”. It has everything from beautiful and quirky illustrations of Paris’s sights, to lists of must-see stores and restaurants, to blank pages for lists of things to see and do, to pages to tape business cards and tickets, and even pages of recipes for classic French foods and beverages. Essentially this book provides the framework of a trip scrapbook; all you have to do is add in whatever you want.

I saved up everything from my trip in a manilla envelope, and now that I’m home, I will be filling it all out and taping everything in. I would recommend purchasing this book before leaving for Paris though, because some pages are meant for pre-trip planning. On these ones, I am going to attach all of my lists, but it would have been nice to list things directly in the book.

If this type of books is interesting to you, there is also a This is my Berlin book, and possibly more.

So here’s a question for you: how do you document your travels???

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a lovely day ☺ ☺

The Beginning

So this is what’s going down: I am going to be blogging about all things book and beauty related. Please feel free to join me if you would like to; I will happily welcome anyone who wishes to pop on over every now and then to see what I’ve been reading, or what beauty products I just can’t get enough of. But you don’t have to. I don’t mind.

I considered starting a  book blog awhile ago, but so often I stray from things that I start without a clear purpose, void of deadlines and due dates (classical conditioning from years of schooling maybe???). That, and I didn’t know what books to blog about, or when to blog about them. I could just blog about “classic” novels . .  but what about all of the wonderful contemporary work out there that I would be missing out on??? I could blog about books that readers suggested . . . well that was a nice thought, except without a few posts under my belt, there would be no readers to ask. The other little problem was that books were not the only thing I liked. I absolutely loved reading beauty blogs, and I wanted to join that blogging community as well.

So, I decided to put my two main interests, books and beauty, together into this neat little internet nook. If all goes according to plan (for the most part), I should be posting a whimsical commentary, a review, a little something to ponder, or something along those lines, a few times per month. But of course this will depend on my university schedule, as I am a second year student with homework galore, and whether I have stumbled upon a to-die-for product that I just have to share. Regardless, my posts will be about the books I am currently reading, or the products I am loving.

So, here I go!!!