Kate Spade Surprise Sale 2018

Kate Spade Surprise Sale 2018 BannerOkay, this is a bit of a rushed post, but I hope you’ll forgive me given the news that I bear.

About two weeks ago, my mother phoned me up to tell me of a Kate Spade New York surprise sale, where bags, apparel, shoes, and accessories were up to 75% off. You read that right: 75% off. Needless to say, I stocked up on a few things, which actually just came in the mail the past weekend, and are so perfect that I can’t wait to take pictures of them and share them here.

But then my mother phoned this morning to tell me that the surprise sale is back. I repeat, the surprise up to 75% off Kate Spade New York sale is back. This is the perfect place to pick up that bag that you’ve been ogling for months and waiting for it to go on sale, or to get some Christmas presents for the fashion lovers in your life.

Now, I know that price ranges are relative and some of the reduced prices on some of the items might still be out of range, but when I saw the purse I had fallen for on the website for $149 instead of $359 with the matching wallet, I was beyond excited. Merry Christmas to me.

The sale is on for another two days and can be found here. For most items, you don’t need to enter a promo code; the price will automatically change to the sale price in your shopping bag. There is, however, a bundle shop that you can nose through and see bags and their matching wallets for seriously reduced prices.

I am in exams for the rest of this week, but when I get home, stay tuned for a post all about what I picked up at this sale. And please share with me in the comments below if you get anything Kate Spade. It is one of my favourite brands, and I love seeing what other people like from her.

Happy shopping!!!


Coach Summer 2016 Order Unboxing 

Happy sunny Sunday!!! coach sale banner

A few weeks ago, a lovely package from Coach arrived on my doorstep. Coach is one of my favourite brands because of the quality materials and workmanship, and the New York style designs, but lately it has been hit or miss whether I will find 5 styles I love at once, or whether I will go a year or so without finding anything I like. But two purses caught my eye online, and the summer sale with up to 50% off enticed me to order them. Since Coach always has such lovely packaging for their online orders, I wanted to share the unboxing here on the blog.     Both of these handbags are the same style, the Crosstown Crossbody in Pebble Leather, style number 53083. The colours are silver/seaglass and silver/iris, beautiful colour names for beautiful purses. Originally priced, these purses were $195 each, but I was able to purchase them on sale for $97.50 each, which in my opinion is a steal for purses that I had been eyeing for quite some time and know I will use plenty. I love the plated iconic Coach turnlock on the front of these bags, allowing for easy opening/closing. Also, the Minimalist interior means that I can only pack the essentials with me (no more not cleaning out my purse for months at a time), but there is an interior pocket and a rear exterior pocket for slipping things in like movie tickets, or mints from restaurants. I just want to note though that, due to the chain detail on the shoulder strap, it is not adjustable. Luckily, it is the perfect length for me. Also, I do not see a way to remove the strap, but this purse could still be used as a clutch I suppose if the strap were tucked into the purse. This style also comes in the colours light gold/navy, which is a classy pairing that could easily be worn day or night, and silver/canary, a gorgeous vibrant yellow that would add a pop to any outfit, any season.  

What brands and handbags have you been loving this summer??? 

Beach Day Wish List

Good morning all!!!spring logo

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by someone from Spring, an online store inspired by the boutiques lining Spring Street in New York. Featuring items from over 900 brands, tons of sale prices, and a range of prices from under $75 to over $500, this is an amazing online resource to find great sales on clothes, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle items. I was asked to write a post about my clothing and accessory must-haves for the beach this season and, after browsing several items and brands, I wanted to share with you what I would love to wear and bring to the beach.

Ted Baker CYCCON Encyclopaedia Floral Small Shopper Bag-Ivory
Ted Baker CYCCON Encyclopaedia Floral Small Shopper Bag-Ivory
To start, this Ted Baker shopper bag would be the cutest beach tote. I love the floral pattern and the square shape, plus the internal pocket would be the perfect place to zip away a bit of money in case an ice cream truck drove by. While this bag is quite small, it would be just the right size to bring everything with me, right down to a water bottle to stay hydrated and a good book to read. And, of course, all my other beach must-haves included in this post. img_1760With weeks of hot sunny summer days ahead, a hat is a definite must-have for a beach day, especially if your skin is porcelain white like mine. This Me to We Boater Hat is such an adorable style with the statement black ribbon trim against the simplistic wide brim design, plus Me to We donates a portion of each purchase cost to Free the Children, a charity that seeks break the cycle of poverty in developing countries. So, this hat does so much more than shade my face from the sun.

Quay Australia Give and Take Back Sunglasses
Quay Australia Give and Take Back Sunglasses
These sunglasses are from a brand I had never heard of before going through all of the sunglasses available from Spring’s accessory store, but I think I would really enjoy them. The subtle cat-eye shape and tinted lenses give them a timeless chic look, and I would expect them to flatter a wide variety of face shapes. Most importantly, these sunglasses offer 100% UV protection to keep eyes safe when out in the sun, especially if by the water.

Now, when it comes to clothes to wear and bring to the beach, I went a little crazy and selected a whole bunch of options because there were so many lovely clothing items. While browsing the online store, I discovered the brand Genuine People and absolutely fell in love with their designs, especially these rompers. I couldn’t pick which one I would wear to the beach, so I just included them all to showcase how gorgeous they are and illustrate why I had such a difficult time deciding on just one.

Genuine People Blue Floral Chiffon Romper
Genuine People Blue Floral Chiffon Romper

Genuine People Floral Print V-Neck Romper
Genuine People Floral Print V-Neck Romper

Genuine People Floral Print Silky Romper
Genuine People Floral Print Silky Romper

Genuine People Floral Romper
Genuine People Floral Romper

Genuine People Blue Silky Chiffon Floral Romper
Genuine People Blue Silky Chiffon Floral Romper

Genuine People Pink Floral Chiffon Romper
Genuine People Pink Floral Chiffon Romper

French Connection Dotty Sheer Flared Shirt Dress
French Connection Dotty Sheer Flared Shirt Dress

Now, in case I wanted to pack a romper to wear over my swimsuit at the end of the beach day, I would probably wear a dress like this French Connection one. The style is adorable, and I love the sheer white fabric with raised dot effect. Plus, it is lined. The scalloped trim peter pan collar and scalloped edging on half button-through placket adds to the cuteness of the style, and the gentle pleating at skirt makes the fit and flare dress even more flattering. In addition, the three-quarter length sleeves is perfect for summer weather. This dress falls just above the knee, and could be worn with white converse, black flats, flip flops, or heels for a summer dinner or barbeque. The only cons to this dress are that it is 100% polyester, which is not nearly as breathable as cotton, and is dry clean only.

Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse
Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse

Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse
Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse

I could also opt for a shirt and shorts combo to wear to the beach, in which case I would wear something like this super cute Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse, which is made of a breathable cotton blend, and is unlined to keep it light and flouncy. The gathered bottom and sleeves are such adorable finishing touches, and I love the huge bow tie at the back.

 Kendall + Kylie Washed Black Cuffed Denim Mom Shorts
Kendall + Kylie Washed Black Cuffed Denim Mom Shorts

The shorts I would most likely pair with this shirt would be the Kendall + Kylie Washed Black Cuffed Denim Mom Shorts. Since the comeback of high waisted denim a few years back, I have been loving how flattering it is, and I haven’t really gone back to hip-hugging bottoms. These shorts hit a very flattering part of the leg, and the rolled-up cuffs give them a playful vibe.

ViX Paula Hermanny Petit Double Loop Top and Petit Long Tie Bottom
ViX Paula Hermanny Petit Double Loop Top and Petit Long Tie Bottom

Swimsuits are something I really struggle to purchase because I feel like they never fit quite right and they are not usually very flattering. This suit, however, is such a gorgeous modern take on the classic bikini that I would give it a try. The parallel double straps and brass coin bling at the ends of the centre tie give this ever-chic black polka dot swimsuit a but of an edgy look. The low-rise fit and extra long adjustable side ties help to make the bottom piece fit as well as possible, also featuring antique brass coins at the ends of the ties. Both the top and the bottom are fully lined, and are made from a unique Lycra blend fabric. The top features removable padding, and the bottom is available in both Full cut and True Brazilian cut.

Ann Taylor Breda Suede Black Flats
Ann Taylor Breda Suede Black Flats

 Joie Amina Sandals
Joie Amina Sandals

And now for shoes. I selected one pair of flats and one pair of sandals because I typically wear one or both of these styles to the beach. The flats are great shoes to wear if I am spreading out a blanket on the sand and sitting in the shade of a beach umbrella reading a book, but the sandals are far more practical if I am planning to go anywhere near the water. I think both of these styles would look lovely with any of the outfits above, but I would have to narrow down my choices if I wanted to get everything into my one beach tote.  What items are on your beach day wish list??? Blog Sign Off

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

Happy Sunday dear readers 🙂 🙂 Earlier this week, I published a gift guide post featuring some nifty Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men, so today I wanted to share with you some of my Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women.

While women, me included, can think of ourselves as easy to buy for, apparently this is not the case. My friend so informed me the other day that shopping for girls is way harder than the reverse because thoughtful and sentimental gifts can be difficult to come up with. So I rounded up a few ideas of gifts for the ladies in your life this Valentine’s Day.

A Few Beauty Goodies

Picture 22These Sephora Collection Heart-to-heart Makeup Sponges are absolutely adorable and can be used for a variety of applications with streak-free and buildable coverage.



Picture 23Of all the eyeshadow palettes out there these days, this tarte Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette is one I would love to add to my collection. It features 12 brand-new shades, 9 mattes and 3 lusters, which are paired for lid, crease, and liner use for easy-to-create smoldering smoky and nude looks. All of Tarte’s eyeshadows are highly pigmented and blend really well, with all-day wear.

Picture 24 Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment has been my saving grace during winter months for about three years now when the days have been chilly and my lips need some extra TLC. I started out using the clear shade in the brown case, and then branched out to the tinted ones. These are really great if you want hydration and colour because you don’t have to worry about smearing lipstick or getting more lip balm on the lipstick tip than on your lips. It is formulated with reparative oils and waxes and real sugar, and has a really nice citrus scent. Also, if you don’t want to opt for the gift set route, these lip treatments are available individually.

A What I Love About You Fill-in-the-Blanks Book

Picture 25 It is often difficult to list things you love about someone when put on the spot, like when trying to write a personal note in a Valentine’s Day card, so for those of you out there, this little book is perfect. With 112 pages of prompts, you can simply fill-in-the-blanks and gift it to a best friend or a significant other so they can read about all the things you love about them that make them who they are.

A Handmade Heart Box

Picture 28 If you already have a gift picked out but are looking for a unique way to package it, then this might just be the solution. For any bookworm friends or lovers in your life, this box is perfect for gifting small items like a necklace, and it’s handmade

We First Met Here Jigsaw Puzzle

Picture 29 It is not often that I wish I lived in the United States of America as I love my little Canadian city, but this is one of those times. This item only ships to the US, it is one of the cutest gift ideas I have come across thus far. While you may not remember the exact day you met someone, chances are you remember where you met them, and this personalized 400-piece jigsaw puzzle is handmade around the zipcode provided of that special place. It even has novelty pieces that read “I LOVE YOU” with a heart marking the location. Measures 18″ x 12″ when completed.

Rectangle Dates Necklace

Picture 30

So you decided to give a necklace to your best friend/girlfriend/random person you’re hanging out with on Valentine’s Day. This necklace is such a neat idea because it allows you to engrave up to 5 special dates on it, like when you first met, your first kiss, your first inside joke, whichever dates are important to you both. While the numbers are in MM/DD/YY format, there are no dashes in between, making them look like random strings of numbers that only you and the other person will know the meaning behind. This idea is pricy at $113 but I just think it is such a unique approach to the cliché of giving jewelry.

A Flatterbox

Picture 32 I first found out about this company late last year when my mother was planning a retirement party for a co-worker. In my opinion, I saved the best gift idea for last because I am so in love with this. First, you select a box type between a transparent acrylic one or a signature one (pictured above). Then you select a card colour and an occasion. This website lists so many already like Birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, get well, christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, goodbye, just because, etc, but there is an “other holiday” option if yours isn’t listed. Once you have completed this, an email will be sent with a personalized message to all of the “Flatters” you would like to contribute sentiment notes to the box. Alternatively, you can use a provided unique link and send it through email, text, or social media. You do not pay for the box until all of the sentiments are collected and are then printed on their own card. Up to 50 cards are included in the box price, but you can add up to 100 for an additional $15, and even up to 200 for an additional $35. Starting at $49, I think this is simply the coolest gift idea I have ever seen, not just for Valentine’s Day, but for any special occasion. Alternatively, if you do not have enough time to create a custom box for a special event, there are several Grab-N-Go options, where you can purchase the box and then fill in the cards when the box arrives.

I hope that these gift ideas have given you some inspiration for what to get your friend, significant other or, in my case, my cat. Click on any of the images in this post to be redirected to the website from which you can purchase them, and let me know in the comments below if you decide on any of these gifts. Also, please share other ideas you come up with 🙂 🙂 

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

Hello there lovely readers 🙂 🙂

With New Years almost a month behind us (how is that even possible???), another holiday is fast-approaching: Valentine’s Day!!!

For me, Valentine’s Day usually consists of hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day dinner party with heart-shaped desserts and take out. And, of course, a Secret Valentine gift exchange. I find it quite easy when I draw the name of a female friend, but for male friends, and undoubtedly for boyfriends or other male significant others, it is much more difficult to pick out a present. Thus, I wanted to create this little gift guide to give you some inspiration.

Tommy John Underwear


I know underwear is traditionally a female gift idea for Valentine’s Day but hear me out: Tommy John has the best mens underwear, undershirts, and socks, along with t-shirts and loungewear. The underwear comes in a variety of styles like boxer brief, trunk, square cut, brief, and boxer short, and is available in a number of colours (Valentine’s collection available February 2). I had never really thought mens fashion could be uncomfortable. I mean, women are the ones who wear dresses and high heels, but just picture a man trying to comfortable fit a pair of bulky boxers into a pair of skinny jeans. Not a pretty picture. All of Tommy John’s products are made with patented silky smooth and non-pilling fabric that is designed to stay in place when playing sports, working at the office, or lounging at home. With a best pair guarantee, 15% off upon subscribing to their mailing list, and free 3-day shipping upon spending $50 or more, Tommy John underwear and other items are definitely gift ideas I am going to hang on to.

Warby Parker Sunglasses

warby parker sunglasses

Warby Parker has so many colours and styles of sunglasses to pick from, that it should be easy to find a pair someone might like. I picked out the Preston sunglasses in Whiskey Tortoise because I think they are a great modern take on the traditional eyeframe shape, and apparently this style suits narrow faces, which tends to be difficult to find. All Warby Parker sunglasses have Akulon-coated screws to avoid those moments when your sunglasses break on vacation and you’re forced to resort to the old method of using your hand to shield your eyes from the sun. They are also cut from a single sheet of acetate so that the colour parity is consistent. I find this is really important with tortoise sunglasses because any changes in pattern or colour are really noticeable. And, you know, these sunglasses have 100% UV protection, which is always useful.

A Yankee Candle

personalized yankee candle
So maybe your candle will be for a special someone and not your cat, but you get the idea . . .

More and more, candle companies are introducing new scents and packaging to appeal to the male demographic. Yankee Candles has such a wide variety of sizes and scents, and they now offer the option to create a personalized candle. Simply select your candle and fragrance, then upload a photo of you and your friend or significant other and customize the label. Some really nice scents for men are Balsam & Cedar, Sun & Sand, Black Cherry, and Midsummer’s Night, While I used a photo of my cat as an example, I think this would be such a cute idea if I draw the name of one of my male friends for this year’s Secret Valentine gift exchange because it is both memorable and useful. But act fast, because only orders placed before February 5th will be processed in time for Valentine’s Day!!!

An “Ussies” Photo Album

ussies photo album

While selfies might be all the rage, so are the lesser termed “ussies.” You know, those photos you take with your significant other or a whole group of friends where one of you holds a camera way above your heads and you all squish together to fit into the frame. Or, now that I think about it, those photos approached civilly with one person simply holding out a selfie stick that could smack someone in the face at any moment. This photo album would make such a nice gift, especially if you gift it already filled with ussies.

Cologne or Eau de Toilette Spray

Finally, the classic mens gift: cologne. One of my favourite fragrances for men is Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray. With grapefruit, mint, and blood mandarin among the scents included in this spray, I find it to be so fresh yet spicy, and long-lasting. Plus, this spray comes in three sizes (1.7 oz, 3.4 oz, and 6.8 oz) making it fit most budgets, and offering the chance to gift a new fragrance or an old favourite for at home or on-the-go use.


I hope that these gift ideas have given you some inspiration for what to get your friend, significant other or, in my case, my cat. Click on any of the images in this post to be redirected to the website from which you can purchase them, and let me know in the comments below if you decide on any of these gifts. Also, please share other ideas you come up with 🙂 🙂

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Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

img_0312Good afternoon 🙂 🙂

I seem to be on a weekly mascara testing streak, but I have started organizing and spring cleaning my makeup stores early this year, and found all manner of nifty products I tried and loved and forgot about, or never even tried at all (I know, for shame).  This mascara was included in Estée Lauder’s 2015 holiday gift set, and claims to deliver the trifecta of lift, curl AND volume, so I wanted to give it a whirl and see if it lived up to this mighty reputation.


  1. Oversized BrushComber Extreme™ brush
  2. Extreme Bold Volume™ formula
  3. Lightweight formula
  4. Clump-free
  5. Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex to condition lashes
  6. False-lash effect

img_0314-1Like last week’s mascara, this one has an absolutely massive brush and, dare I say, it is almost too big. The solid and flexible bristles are designed to coat on as much formula as possible, and to comb and separate lashes to build up volume and definition. This brush definitely lifted my eyelashes and gave them volume, but there was no dramatic curl effect. However, when I curled my eyelashes and then applied this mascara, it held in the curl all day, which was perfect. I just wish the brush was a tiny bit smaller so I could better sculpt my lower lashes.

The mascara goes on really smoothly and evenly, and doesn’t weigh down my eyelashes, which is a huge plus. It doesn’t clump on lashes during application, and wears well throughout the day with no little black crumbles. When wearing this around university, I received so many lovely compliments on how long my eyelashes were and how bright-eyed I looked, and they made my day. When I take it off at night, my lashes don’t feel dried out or like the mascara is still glued on, which I attribute to the Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex. I tried taking if off at night with just soap and water, and it works but it takes awhile, so for a quick removal, I use Clinique’s Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes, and Lips.

This mascara retails for CAN $30, which is pricy, so I am glad it came in a gift set, but I would recommend this mascara to anyone with thin, sparse lashes who is looking for a mascara to lift their eyelashes, literally. It is definitely one of the best highstreet mascaras I have tried.

What is your go-to mascara???

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CoverGirl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara



Good gracious, it has been far too long since I did a product review post. You’d think, given the Christmas holidays and all, that I would have been buying up beauty products like mad, but in fact, I did quite the opposite. I picked up this little number at least a month ago, and completely forgot about it until I saw it on my bathroom counter ledge and went “hmm, where’d that come from???” So earlier this week, I gave it a go, and thus far I am really enjoying it. Given this is one of Cover Girl’s newly released products, I thought I’d share my thoughts with you 🙂 🙂


  1. Newly designed brush coats lashes from roots to ends
  2. Volumizing formula
  3. No clumping
  4. Smudge-resistant
  5. Easy to remove
  6. Suitable for sensitive eyes
  7. Comes in three colours: very black, black, and black brown.

img_0262First and foremost, I want to talk about the newly designed brush, as it appears to be the major selling point of the product. Like with most CoverGirl mascaras, the brush came packaged separately from the tube so I could see what it looked like before it got all gooped up. As you can see in this picture, there are a lot of bristles. There are even fine bristles popping out of the top, perfect for getting at bottom lashes. All the major bristles are organized in a double-helix-like way, which helps coat lashes from every angle from roots to ends.


However, I found I needed several coatings before I started to notice a difference. Also, even after I finished applying, my eyelashes didn’t have the KA-POW volume I was hoping for. They were well separated and evenly covered, but they looked much more natural. That isn’t entirely a bad thing, though. Sometimes it’s nice to wear a little mascara without looking like you glued falsies on.

Surprisingly, this mascara stayed on really well, and lived up to its claim of being smudge resistant. And when it came time to remove it, I didn’t even need proper makeup remover; just water and a touch of soap got it off. This does mean though that this is not the mascara to wear if you are planning to watch The Notebook or something because it will run like crazy, and I don’t think CoverGirl has released this product in a waterproof formula, so careful of that.

Something else to note is the size of the brush. Yes, it is massive, and it does grab all your eyelashes in one sweep, but it is so difficult to wield when trying to do your bottom lashes. The bristles at the tip help a little, but they are not ideal.

This mascara retails at $10.49 here in Canada, which is up there for a drugstore mascara, but I was able to snag it during a sale, so I believe it was around $7. I don’t know if I would purchase it again given my loyalty to trial sizes of Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, but it is a great mascara if you are looking for a more natural look. A 50x volume boost though??? I don’t know about that.

What do you think???

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Blogmas Day 16: Beauty Gift Guide for Her on a Budget

blogmasbannerGood morning everyone, and happy 16th day of Blogmas!!! With December just half over, the race to finish shopping and wrapping presents begins. But it is tough to know what to get some people, and a spending cap can complicate things. In my family, we draw names for the person we are to buy a main gift, and then buy small token gifts for the other family members. The spending cap for the main gift is $50, and the spending cap for the token gifts is $25. This makes it so that you can give someone multiple smaller gifts, or one larger gift without having to spend too much, because, after all, it’s the thought that counts. Plus, we alternate each year, so we each get a chance to pick out a main gift for each person. While searching stores and the Interwebs for gifts, I cam across a handful of beauty gift ideas for the ladies in your life for under $25 and under $50. Hopefully these idea collages help some of you pick out gifts for family and friends!!!



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Blogmas Day 15: Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway

blogmasbannerHello there readers, and happy 15th day of Blogmas!!! I got a bit behind on my daily blogging these last few days, but now that I’m finally all caught up, I wanted to surprise my lovely followers with the blog-equivalent of a Christmas present: a Christmas giveaway!!!

The Giveaway: IMG_0150One (1) Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette.

This giveaway will be open internationally until Christmas Eve, December 24th, at 11:59pm PST. Names will be entered into an online random name generator to ensure a winner is selected fairly, and then I will announce the winner on this blog, and contact them either via email or through their blog’s contact page and ask them to get in touch.

How to Enter: 

  1. Like this blog post
  2. Follow my blog if you aren’t already
  3. Comment on this post when you are finished
  4. Additional entry: Follow me on Twitter (completely optional!!!)
  5. Additional entry: Follow me on Instagram (also completely optional!!!)

And that’s it!!!

*Please make sure that you comment on this post after to ensure you are entered*
With up to three entries permitted per person, I hope lots of you will enter this giveaway. And feel free to reblog this giveaway so others can see it and enter as well.

Good luck all!!!
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Blogmas Day 14: Wrapping Presents and Getting Ready To Mail Them Off






Good afternoon everyone!!!

I am fortunate to have most of my family living close by, but my aunt, uncle, and cousins are among the few family members that live outside of our little city. This means that every year during the second week of December, we ship off a giant parcel of presents to the family that lives farther away. I love this, because it means I can get a head start on my wrapping, and try out some new decorating ideas. This year, I tried out a bunch of different ribbons and bows, and used different paper to wrap each person’s presents. My cat, Valentine, even helped me wrap . . . sort of . . . I mean, she sat in the middle of the table, walked all over the rolled out paper, managed to get some tape stuck in her fur, and left little teeth marks in a once-perfect red Christmas bow, so I guess that counts as providing company.

The little fur person "helping" with wrapping presents
The little fur person “helping” with wrapping presents

Are you mailing off any presents this Christmas???

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