Blogmas Day 14: Wrapping Presents and Getting Ready To Mail Them Off






Good afternoon everyone!!!

I am fortunate to have most of my family living close by, but my aunt, uncle, and cousins are among the few family members that live outside of our little city. This means that every year during the second week of December, we ship off a giant parcel of presents to the family that lives farther away. I love this, because it means I can get a head start on my wrapping, and try out some new decorating ideas. This year, I tried out a bunch of different ribbons and bows, and used different paper to wrap each person’s presents. My cat, Valentine, even helped me wrap . . . sort of . . . I mean, she sat in the middle of the table, walked all over the rolled out paper, managed to get some tape stuck in her fur, and left little teeth marks in a once-perfect red Christmas bow, so I guess that counts as providing company.

The little fur person "helping" with wrapping presents
The little fur person “helping” with wrapping presents

Are you mailing off any presents this Christmas???

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