How To Stay Financially Fit This Summer

With the end of classes and the arrival of sunny summer weather, many people put together a fitness plan to get swimsuit ready, however, far fewer people create a financial fitness plan for the summer to help budget for school, travel, and living expenses. I was contacted by Credit Card Insider with the idea to publish a post to assist young people such as myself with managing credit cards and making sound financial decisions.    

Credit Card Insider is an excellent online resource for unbiased consumer and commercial lending options. Many financial things are complex and so we tend to avoid them,  but Credit Card Insider makes financial education simple and easy, helping customers understand credit and debt and how to use credit cards responsibly. They provide research and comparisons of credit cards for various financial lifestyles, along with assistance with applying for a credit card.  In its simplest terms, there are different types of credit card, such as for students, business, travel, or rewards. In other words, the primary purpose of the card. Then there are different issuers like American Express, Capital One, and Discover. And both of these rest in credit rating, which ranges from excellent to limited or none. 

Getting involved with money and becoming financially savvy was an important part of growing up for me and helped me learn to make good decisions before I began attending university, which involves more financial responsibility. I find the summer months to be the best time for a mid-year check-up on my finances when I can set and adjust financial goals based on short-term needs for the summer and long-term needs for the coming year. So here is an outline of my financial plan:

Find a Summer Job

I have returned to my summer job that I have now held for the third consecutive summer. Being financially independent from my parents is really important, while also making sound choices. Not only does this job in the tourism industry provide me with a bi-monthly paycheque but it has really improved my interpersonal skills, professionalism, customer service, and organization, abilities that will look good on my résumé when I look for jobs in the future.

Direct Deposit

While many employers directly deposit paycheques into into employees’ bank accounts, some still give paper paycheques, which does not help curb unnecessary or impulsive spending. Arranging a direct deposit can help avoid overspending, and also means that there is no need for a trip to the bank to deposit the cheque.

Have a Separate Savings Account

I have two bank accounts: one that I operate out of and pay my bills from, and a high-interest savings account where I squirrel away a portion of my paycheques for a rainy day, a big purchase, or in case of an emergency. I pay myself as though I am paying a bill, transferring 10-15% of each of my paycheques into this account so I always have a little nest egg of cash.

Research Different Types of Bank Accounts

From student accounts, to high-interest savings accounts, to tax-free savings accounts, to chequing accounts, there is a myriad of account options. The simplest way to compare accounts and select the best one for your financial lifestyle and goals is to make an appointment with a financial advisor at your bank and seek their recommendations. Some accounts offer no annual fees, while others offer better interest rates, unlimited transactions, free e-transfers, and so on.  

Find Ways to Save Money on Products and Activities

There is a plethora of sources for rewards programs, coupons, and student discounts, which have greatly helped me save money on everyday items and on things I have wanted to do like movie theatre ticket discounts on Tuesdays, vouchers for a free game of bowling, and 2 for 1 dinner coupons in the local newspaper. Every little bit helps.   

Apply For and Use a Credit Card

This may sound counterintuitive as many kids are warned early on about the danger of using credit to purchase things, but starting early to build up a good credit score is really important, especially if one is looking to apply for loans for school or a vehicle or a mortgage in the future.  One method I use is that I only purchase things on my credit card that I know I can afford and immediately pay it off online. That way, I am building a good credit score while never having to worry about missed payments or accruing interest. An automatic monthly payment can also be set up through online banking, but my one issue with that is it doesn’t force you to look at your purchases for the month and evaluate which were necessary and which could be avoided next month. 

Learn Self-Control

This goes hand in hand with what I wrote just above about purchasing something on credit. It is an easy way to build up a good credit rating, but it is important to learn to delay gratification, i.e. waiting to purchase those to-die-for shoes until you actually have the money to pay for them up front. There is nothing worse than getting shoes on sale, only to pay for them on credit, forget about making payments, and then having to pay all that you saved on the shoes to the bank in interest. 

Know the Ins and Outs of Your Money

By this, I mean keeping track of the sources and amounts of money that are deposited into your bank account each month, and the sources and amounts of money that are withdrawn or spent. Doing this makes it really easy to see how small daily purchases like coffee or lunch can add up to hundreds of dollars in a month, and provide a big picture view of where expenses can be cut down to ensure expenses never exceed income, and clearly show where savings can be made. 

Prepare your own Tax Returns

Honestly, I haven’t done this one yet, but I plan to for the 2016 year. I just think this will help me better understand my finances, income tax, and the calculation of net pay in relation to monthly expenses. That, and then I can save myself the fee each year by having a company do it for me. 

What is your summer financial fitness plan???  Blog logo  

Beach Day Wish List

Good morning all!!!spring logo

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by someone from Spring, an online store inspired by the boutiques lining Spring Street in New York. Featuring items from over 900 brands, tons of sale prices, and a range of prices from under $75 to over $500, this is an amazing online resource to find great sales on clothes, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle items. I was asked to write a post about my clothing and accessory must-haves for the beach this season and, after browsing several items and brands, I wanted to share with you what I would love to wear and bring to the beach.

Ted Baker CYCCON Encyclopaedia Floral Small Shopper Bag-Ivory
Ted Baker CYCCON Encyclopaedia Floral Small Shopper Bag-Ivory
To start, this Ted Baker shopper bag would be the cutest beach tote. I love the floral pattern and the square shape, plus the internal pocket would be the perfect place to zip away a bit of money in case an ice cream truck drove by. While this bag is quite small, it would be just the right size to bring everything with me, right down to a water bottle to stay hydrated and a good book to read. And, of course, all my other beach must-haves included in this post. img_1760With weeks of hot sunny summer days ahead, a hat is a definite must-have for a beach day, especially if your skin is porcelain white like mine. This Me to We Boater Hat is such an adorable style with the statement black ribbon trim against the simplistic wide brim design, plus Me to We donates a portion of each purchase cost to Free the Children, a charity that seeks break the cycle of poverty in developing countries. So, this hat does so much more than shade my face from the sun.

Quay Australia Give and Take Back Sunglasses
Quay Australia Give and Take Back Sunglasses
These sunglasses are from a brand I had never heard of before going through all of the sunglasses available from Spring’s accessory store, but I think I would really enjoy them. The subtle cat-eye shape and tinted lenses give them a timeless chic look, and I would expect them to flatter a wide variety of face shapes. Most importantly, these sunglasses offer 100% UV protection to keep eyes safe when out in the sun, especially if by the water.

Now, when it comes to clothes to wear and bring to the beach, I went a little crazy and selected a whole bunch of options because there were so many lovely clothing items. While browsing the online store, I discovered the brand Genuine People and absolutely fell in love with their designs, especially these rompers. I couldn’t pick which one I would wear to the beach, so I just included them all to showcase how gorgeous they are and illustrate why I had such a difficult time deciding on just one.

Genuine People Blue Floral Chiffon Romper
Genuine People Blue Floral Chiffon Romper

Genuine People Floral Print V-Neck Romper
Genuine People Floral Print V-Neck Romper

Genuine People Floral Print Silky Romper
Genuine People Floral Print Silky Romper

Genuine People Floral Romper
Genuine People Floral Romper

Genuine People Blue Silky Chiffon Floral Romper
Genuine People Blue Silky Chiffon Floral Romper

Genuine People Pink Floral Chiffon Romper
Genuine People Pink Floral Chiffon Romper

French Connection Dotty Sheer Flared Shirt Dress
French Connection Dotty Sheer Flared Shirt Dress

Now, in case I wanted to pack a romper to wear over my swimsuit at the end of the beach day, I would probably wear a dress like this French Connection one. The style is adorable, and I love the sheer white fabric with raised dot effect. Plus, it is lined. The scalloped trim peter pan collar and scalloped edging on half button-through placket adds to the cuteness of the style, and the gentle pleating at skirt makes the fit and flare dress even more flattering. In addition, the three-quarter length sleeves is perfect for summer weather. This dress falls just above the knee, and could be worn with white converse, black flats, flip flops, or heels for a summer dinner or barbeque. The only cons to this dress are that it is 100% polyester, which is not nearly as breathable as cotton, and is dry clean only.

Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse
Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse

Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse
Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse

I could also opt for a shirt and shorts combo to wear to the beach, in which case I would wear something like this super cute Genuine People Back Bow Tie Striped Blouse, which is made of a breathable cotton blend, and is unlined to keep it light and flouncy. The gathered bottom and sleeves are such adorable finishing touches, and I love the huge bow tie at the back.

 Kendall + Kylie Washed Black Cuffed Denim Mom Shorts
Kendall + Kylie Washed Black Cuffed Denim Mom Shorts

The shorts I would most likely pair with this shirt would be the Kendall + Kylie Washed Black Cuffed Denim Mom Shorts. Since the comeback of high waisted denim a few years back, I have been loving how flattering it is, and I haven’t really gone back to hip-hugging bottoms. These shorts hit a very flattering part of the leg, and the rolled-up cuffs give them a playful vibe.

ViX Paula Hermanny Petit Double Loop Top and Petit Long Tie Bottom
ViX Paula Hermanny Petit Double Loop Top and Petit Long Tie Bottom

Swimsuits are something I really struggle to purchase because I feel like they never fit quite right and they are not usually very flattering. This suit, however, is such a gorgeous modern take on the classic bikini that I would give it a try. The parallel double straps and brass coin bling at the ends of the centre tie give this ever-chic black polka dot swimsuit a but of an edgy look. The low-rise fit and extra long adjustable side ties help to make the bottom piece fit as well as possible, also featuring antique brass coins at the ends of the ties. Both the top and the bottom are fully lined, and are made from a unique Lycra blend fabric. The top features removable padding, and the bottom is available in both Full cut and True Brazilian cut.

Ann Taylor Breda Suede Black Flats
Ann Taylor Breda Suede Black Flats

 Joie Amina Sandals
Joie Amina Sandals

And now for shoes. I selected one pair of flats and one pair of sandals because I typically wear one or both of these styles to the beach. The flats are great shoes to wear if I am spreading out a blanket on the sand and sitting in the shade of a beach umbrella reading a book, but the sandals are far more practical if I am planning to go anywhere near the water. I think both of these styles would look lovely with any of the outfits above, but I would have to narrow down my choices if I wanted to get everything into my one beach tote.  What items are on your beach day wish list??? Blog Sign Off

5 Tips for Creating a Course Schedule

Good morning!!! 

Earlier this month, I received an email from the university about my registration date for courses: June 17th at 9:30am. I already have my alarm and backup alarm set to ensure I am up in plenty of time with my schedule in hand so I can register for the courses I want to take as soon as possible before they fill up. I know I can always change them but I have a huge fear of not getting into classes. 

While I have now mapped out three (soon to be four) years of courses, I wanted to write this post for anyone new to university or looking to maximize their course schedule. So, without further ado, here are my 5 tips for creating a course schedule: 

1. Make a list of all the required courses and block them in first.

I am guilty of this, but sometimes I schedule in electives that I really want to take before I block in required courses I have to take for my degree. However, some required courses may only be offered at certain times or in certain terms and should be planned around before electives that could be taken anytime. 

2. Leave yourself some time in between.

Typically, classes are scheduled so that there is 10 minutes to travel between them, but it is so not ideal if you have to sprint across campus to get to your next class. To avoid this, I like to note the building the class is located in so that I can plan classes close by immediately following. Personally, I like having blocks of time in between classes for readings, homework, and relaxation, but for other people it is best to have all their courses back-to-back so they can head home immediately after.

3. Work around your schedule, not your friends’.

I love being in classes with my friends as much as anybody, but at the same time, my schedule comes first. If I can be in a class with a friend that works for me, then that’s great, but I don’t want to rearrange my entire schedule so we can be in the same class.

4. Think about transit.

If you take the bus or other modes of transport to school, consider how long it will take you to get to school and what a realistic start time is. For instance, I try to avoid 8:30am classes because it is no fun waking up at 5am to get an early bus to campus.

5. Consider the workload.

Many course outlines from previous terms can be easily found through a quick Google search. This is especially helpful if a course is offered by multiple professors. Rate My Professors is a great way to research which professor might be best for you, and a previous course outline from their class will indicate how they like to allocate marks. I am someone who likes having my grade come from multiple sources: assignments, online quizzes, in-class participation, and exams. For others though, three exams and a final is just fine. But a mix of both types of courses makes for a manageable workload. 

What are some of your tips for mapping out a course schedule??? 


10 Ways to Save Money at University

The decision to attend college or university is the most expensive choice many young adults will make until they decide to purchase a new vehicle or a home. Classes cost hundreds of dollars each, making each semester of classes costing in the thousands. Because of this, I, like many other students, look for ways to cut back costs in other ways, so I wanted to share with you 10 of the ways I save money while attending university.

1. Pack a lunch and snacks

Admittedly, the library café’s muffins and sandwiches have beckoned to me from time to time but I really try to bring my own food with me each day. Those few dollars spent each day on food amount to hundreds per month that could easily be saved through some savvy meal planning. I have found leftovers to be a saving grace.

2. Bring coffee or tea in a travel mug from home

Similarly, the money spent on coffee or tea on campus could be saved by bringing drinks from home. Many universities have places on campus to get hot water so always pack a few extra coffee grinds or tea bags in case you want another cup later in the day.

3. Look for used textbooks or online versions

I think the most expensive textbook I have ever bought was around $200, and I seriously contemplated testing my luck by going into the course without one. The publishers say that students get a reduced price, but that didn’t soften the blow when I gave up $200 of hard-earned money for a required text that we only ended up using maybe three times. Thus, please please please look for used textbooks at the university bookstore or online, or try to track down a free PDF or an e-book for a much lower price. 

4. Take the bus

I cannot stress enough how big of a money suck driving a vehicle to campus is. At my university, a parking pass costs around $800. That doesn’t even factor in gas, insurance, maintenance, or any repairs that the vehicle might need during the terms. Comparatively, my student card is a bus pass from September to April for one automatic payment of $75 as part of my tuition. I believe other universities have similar setups so it baffles me why people would drive to school if they can help it, barring of course if they live too far away from campus to bus or if they have to drop others off first on their commute. 

5. Try to opt out of courses

University courses are really expensive, so see if any of the courses you have previously taken allow you to bypass others. For instance, I took AP English in grade 12, which let me skip out on paying $500 for a mandatory introductory English course that covered basic grammar and essay writing. 

6. Carefully map out your courses

Electives can be really tempting. Like my plan is to get a BA in Psychology and Linguistics, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking courses in astronomy and American literature. Problems can arise though if you don’t prioritize the requisite and prerequisite courses for your program, so plan out which courses are mandatory and make sure they fit in the class schedule before you start looking at electives. This can end up costing extra money if you have to spend an extra term taking the required courses you missed. 

7. Stash money away in a high-interest savings account

For some of my friends, seeing money in their bank account is enough motivation to go and spend it, not because they blow through money easily, but because they forget to subtract their monthly expenses first. I mean, I don’t think many people in their twenties are expert money managers yet. But squirreling money away in a savings account means that you can be generating interest while blocking it off from being spent on a new lipstick shade or a newly released hardcover book. 

8. Create a spending syllabus

Similar to planning out classes, make a detailed chart of the necessary monthly expenses and monthly income if you work a part-time job, and then budget how much money is leftover for you to spend on luxury items. 

9. Plan fun evenings at home

Going out for dinner, to the movies, or for a drink at a local bar with some friends can be fun, but also expensive. Instead, try planning a night in with everyone bringing something to snack on, or a game to play or movie to watch. 

10. Collect coupons and take advantage of student discounts

There are so many opportunities for savings, and even more for students. From restaurants to retail stores to recreational activities, many establishments offer students a reduced rate, which is always nice when money is tight. Having a bulletin board to keep all coupons sorted by product type or expiration date can also help save a bundle on groceries and other necessities. 

What are some ways that you save money at university or college??? Share them in the comments below 🙂 🙂 

What’s in My Bag??? Summer Edition

The other week, my best friend and I took a trip to the beach and the light of the setting sun through a log fort shone perfectly on my bag. This got me thinking that I have never done a what’s in my bag post. I love reading other people’s posts like this, so I wanted to try my hand at it. Plus, making collages on Polyvore is always fun. 

Let me know in the comments below what your must-haves are in your summer bag 😊😊

Taking Summer Courses: Yay or Nay??? 

With my third year of university now at an end, I have potentially only one more year to go before graduation. Yikes!!! Of course, I could tack on another major and a minor and delay graduation by at least another year.

In the event that I want to graduate next spring though, I may need to take summer courses. I have managed to avoid them during my three years in university, but I have been giving them a lot of thought as of late, so I wanted to share with you the list of pros and cons I have come up with about taking summer courses.


  • Shorter course duration
  • Expedite completion of required courses or electives
  • Exposure to different professors and teaching styles
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Different course syllabi from fall/spring courses 


  • Limited course selection
  • Longer lecture duration
  • Information-dense lectures
  • Less time between tests/exams 
  • Are not usually covered by a scholarship unless a full course load is taken 

Have you taken summer courses before??? How did you find them??? Would you recommend them??? Picture 19

Third Year in Review 

Three weeks ago today, I wrote my last final exam of my third year of university. Since then, I was in Banff with my mother (you can read my travel diary of the trip here) and was waiting for my final grades to be up on the university website. I checked today, and they are all in, so I figured I would review the past year of university here on the blog. 

For starters, I loved the courses I took this year. I was in 5 courses each term: psycholinguistics, research methods in psychology, biopsychology, an introductory philosophy course, and an elementary computer science course in the fall; an introductory sociology course, cognitive psychology, history of psychology, psychological disorders in adulthood, and a first language acquisition course in the spring. My professors were all wonderful and made me even more passionate about psychology and linguistics, if that were possible. 

This year I stumbled upon a saving grace: scheduling blocks of time between classes. This year, I had gaps between course times from as short as 50 minutes to as long as 4.5 hours.  Initially this was not intentional, but just how my courses lined up in the fall term. Having blocks of prime time for my brain to do readings, work on assignments, and draft papers made my terms so much easier. It made managing my time a less daunting task, and meant I could schedule social outings after classes because I had already studied earlier in the day. I am working on booking similar free blocks between my classes for next year, and I find myself hoping my courses allow for these time gaps. Ironic, isn’t it??? 

I also lost a very close friend this year. We had been drifting apart for awhile, but finally we stopped talking and seeing each other. This hurt because he meant a lot to me, but it was a toxic friendship. “We accept the love we think we deserve,” wrote Stephen Chbosky, author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and it took me a long time to realize it, but I deserve better. 

I did make several new friends this year though, and strengthened friendships with people in my programme. This has made planning classes for next year so much more fun because I can coordinate them with my friends and be in the same classes with them. This also means that group projects will be far less daunting since most professors let you pick your group members. 

I also began thinking about grad school. I really want to go to law school, but I am also really interested in speech language pathology and audiology. I am getting excited about planning my “future,” but it is also kind of daunting. Thinking ahead to courses for the coming year is one thing, but considering what I want to do for a career is something else entirely. Part of me just wants to keep going to school and learning different things for years to come, essentially being a professional student, but the idea of having a job I love that allows me to help people is important to me. 

Mind you, after watching a bunch of crime shows on TV like NCIS, Chicago PD, and Law and Order: SVU, graduate studies in Forensic Psychology are looking more and more appealing. 

Finally, this year I purchased a ton of books that I wanted to read this summer. I am currently about 300 pages into The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which I found tucked away in a little used bookstore, and I am loving it thus far. Her writing style is very unique, but I find the character details and development to be very intriguing. 

Of course blogging has been on my mind a lot recently, and I have a long list of posts I want to write and publish this summer, so I will be getting started on those soon. 

How has your past year of school been??? 

Banff, Alberta | Travel Diary

The end of April is such a strange time for me. Those of you attending university or college will understand this, as the end of April is characterized by the end of the spring term, where classes are finished and final exams are done. For those of you in other levels of schooling, this is comparable to the end of June. After being online so much for university, and being cooped up in my room studying for finals, I wanted to take a break from it all, and Banff was the perfect place to do this.

One of the many highlights of my trip was staying at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel. Resembling a castle, this hotel is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, and is absolutely beautiful. I was lucky enough to be there when they were offering a historical hotel tour, so I got to learn about the history of the hotel, and some of the ghost stories surrounding it. 

Another highlight was that the hotel had a bowling alley across the street; a bloomin’ bowling alley!!! Of course, my mother and I had to give 5-pin bowling a try, and we actually made the bowling high score board for lane 3 (our travel aliases are Rachael and Charlotte; never know what hoodlums are lurking about, ready to steal your identity). 

Yet another highlight was Afternoon Tea in the Rundle Lounge of the hotel. My mother and I both love tea, and afternoon tea is such a lovely thing to do, especially in a castle-like building overlooking Rundle and Cascade Mountains. There were 12 specialty teas to select from, and I went with the Banff Springs blend that was exclusive to the hotel. The tea was then served in three courses: a seasonal fruit cup, a tea tray of sandwiches and scones, and a tea tray of various desserts. I have done afternoon tea at several different places, and it still amazes me how tea, finger sandwiches, and bite-sized desserts can fill you up; needless to say, I didn’t eat dinner that night. 

Another highlight of the trip I wanted to mention was stumbling upon the store Gingko and Ink while wandering the Town of Banff. It is this super cute little store that sells paper, notebooks, quills and ink, handmade wrapping paper, handmade envelopes, greeting cards, and so much more. It even had typewriters scattered throughout it, but none were for sale, or else I would have scooped up at least two. The store also offers classes in some really neat DIY projects like journal making and paper making. I could have gone crazy in this store and bought everything in sight, but luckily the limitations of my suitcase size prevented this. 

I saved the biggest and best highlight for last: I got to see my aunt and uncle on the last two days of my trip!!! They live in Calgary, a city in the neighbouring province of Alberta, so I don’t get to see them very often, but they drove up to Banff to stay at the hotel with us for the last overnight. We took a historic tour of the hotel, played a game of pool (I lost pitifully), played a game of glow-in-the-dark 5-pin bowling (I just squeaked into 3rd place, edging out my mother by one point, while my aunt schooled us all with her over 100 score), had some canapés for dinner, went on a walk of the hotel grounds and into the town of Banff, and finally, met up in a lounge for some drinks. The lounge we went to had the neatest chairs I think I have ever seen. They kind of reminded me of hot air balloons, and I could hear my voice echo every time I leaned my head back into the chair and spoke. There were only two of these chairs stationed at each table, so we pulled four together around one table so we could all sit in one. Pulled together, the edges were almost touching. When the server came by, he asked us if we wanted a sheet to put over the top of them so we could make a fort, which sent us into a fit of laughter. In total, we had 7 drinks, but when the bill came it was $98 . . . we were so shocked that all we could do was laugh hysterically; turns out each drink was around $12.

I had such a wonderful trip, and I am feeling so much more relaxed and refreshed, which is good because yesterday was my first day back at my summer job. After spending the last 4 months online and connected every single day, it was nice to disconnect from everything (save for a few Instagram photos of the hotel). I have so many post ideas for this blog, so I will be working on those for the next little while, along with finally getting to read for pleasure again (The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is up first).  

Picture 19

Packing for Banff

So today I started packing for my trip to Banff. What?! Yes indeed, I am off to Banff tomorrow morning on a 6am flight, which means I have to be awake by 3:30 and out at the airport by 4:30 . . . *groan*

I always seem to be the person who is “randomly” selected for a technology search or pat down every single time I travel so I like to get there early and plan for this: get in the security line ASAP and expect to be delayed, have my technology at the ready, and have my shoes already off and in-hand. 

Thanks to The Weather Network, my old fair and foul weather friend (pun intended), the weather in Banff for the coming week is as follows:

Picture 22

To some of you out there from warmer climates, this weather might seem cold, dreary, and unappealing, but for a Canadian Spring, this weather is quite lovely. I am packing mostly jeans and sweaters, but a dress or two for the sunny days and for afternoon tea. 

As you can see, my cat, Valentine, is exhibiting some symptoms of Separation Anxiety . . .

IMG_6416 And now for a few nifty facts about the Town of Banff:

  1. The Town of Banff has a population of 7,500.
  2. The Town of Banff has an elevation of 4,537 feet (1,383 metres), making it the highest town in Canada.
  3. Banff National Park was established in 1885 as Canada’s first National Park (third in the world), starting Canada’s national parks system.
  4. Mountains in Banff National Park are 45 to 120 million years old
  5. Castleguard Caves in the Northwest of Banff are Canada’s longest cave system.

Have any of you been to Banff before??? Let me know of any must-see places in the comments!!!

Picture 19

Easter Baking

Hello there 🙂 🙂 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday with family and friends. I celebrated the holiday with my mother and grandparents and, while my grandparents insisted that they prepare dinner, I got to bring the dessert: a giant cupcake cake!!! Here are a few pictures of the baking process 🙂 🙂 img_0694 img_0697 img_0708 img_0705 img_0713 img_0711 img_0726 This is the niftiest cake pan I have ever come across. Made by Wilton, this cast aluminum pan has a non-stick surface and a lifetime warranty, making it the perfect addition to any baking arsenal. You can get it here if you are interested 🙂 🙂 

What did you get up to for Easter yesterday??? Picture 19