SkinnyMint 28-Day Teatox Review

SkinnyMint 28-Day Teatox Review

**Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, and all opinions shared are my own.**

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It’s been a minute since I lasted published a post, but honestly I don’t know how I can keep this blogging thing up in grad school. It might just be my program, but the workload is triple what it was in my undergraduate degree and there are group projects coming out the yin yang. I still want to keep posting but I can’t promise any sort of schedule or regularity so make sure you’re following this blog if you want to be notified every time a new post is up.

I had initially intended to share my thoughts on this product much sooner,  but they were very mixed, and and I didn’t want to put them out there only to have to renege on them later, as it would be a disservice to both my readers and the brand itself.

So, back in February, I was feeling really bloated and sluggish, and started looking for a way to cleanse my system and perk back up. This product is one that I have seen as a sponsored ad on Facebook countless times, and was really interested in because it was advertised to be gluten-free, keto-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free. Then one day I saw an advertisement for a promotion where I could buy one product and get the second for free, so I took a trip over to the SkinnyMint website and had a look around. I ended up purchasing the Super Fat Burning Gummies Limited Edition and received the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox  for free (regular retail at time of purchase: $54.99 USD). Free worldwide shipping was available, so my grand total came to $49.90 USD.

SkinnyMint Detox Bundle(Note: While this deal is no longer available, a similar one is currently being offered, which includes the 28-Day Teatox morning and night teas, as well as a set of the Super Fat Burning Gummies for $66.90 USD.)

I found the website really easy to navigate, and liked that there was an option to set automatic monthly orders for a discounted price on products. The one drawback is that there is only four currency options: US/CAN, Asia/Middle East, AU/NZ, and Europe. For a Canadian such as myself, this meant I was paying in US dollars, which isn’t the end of the world, but it is the difference between saying my final total was $49.90 USD versus $$65.14 CAN, and I like the sound of a lower price point.

I ordered my products on February 4th, receiving an email confirmation shortly afterwards. I then received another email on February 5th letting me know my order had shipped. I received my products in the mail on February 15th, 8 business days from when I ordered, which is right in the ballpark of 7-10 days shipping to Canada listed on the SkinnyMint website. Everything came in one small box, with bubble wrap to keep it safe in transit. I then saved the products for the first of March so that I could do a comparison of how I felt in March with the teatox compared to in February without it.

The first thing I was really impressed with was how delicious the teas and gummies tasted. I was prepared for something not great that I would have to gulp down quickly to keep it in, but both the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse were so yummy and I looked forward to drinking them everyday. The gummies also tasted amazing. My favourite was the garcinia cambogia strawberry flavour hunger buster afternoon gummies, and I was so tempted to eat them like candy a few times. The green coffee bean apple flavour power up morning gummies were also really good though, and the apple was refreshing in the morning. I took two of each daily for the duration of the teatox. What I especially loved about the gummies was that they were sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian, making the product consumable for so many people.

The first three weeks of the Teatox went really well, and I was super happy with the products. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, I felt I had more energy, and didn’t feel bloated anymore. Incorporating the tea into my morning and nighttime routines helped me establish and keep to meal routines that, I believe, also contributed to how I perceived the tea to be working.

My main concern came about at the end of week three. I realized that I was three days late for my period. As someone whose cycle is very regular, I was confused but not overly concerned, so I continued with the teatox. My period still hadn’t started after another four days, in total being late seven days. By that point I was actively concerned, and began researching SkinnyMint and other detox teas to see if other people had similar side effects. Lo and behold, the internet had a host of articles about women who had tried detox teas and had their period extremely late. I made the decision to end my teatox five days early, on March 26th. and in three days my period had come. I was ecstatic, which sounds ridiculous even to me as I type I because periods are bloomin’ annoying and inconvenient.

Based on my experience with this product, my feelings overall are still mixed. A part of me wants to give it another try because I believe it worked and I felt better, but I have to wonder what the teas are doing to me on the inside and what they are made of if they can impact my menstrual cycle. I would definitely be open to trying again sometime, or even trying another brand of detox tea, but I’ll see how things go. I have since maintained a balanced die and regular exercise in the hopes that I will feel less bloated and have more energy.

So, those are all of my thoughts, but let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried a detox tea. What did you think? Did you see results? Have any side effects? I want to hear about it all!