Kate Spade Surprise Sale 2018

Kate Spade Surprise Sale 2018 BannerOkay, this is a bit of a rushed post, but I hope you’ll forgive me given the news that I bear.

About two weeks ago, my mother phoned me up to tell me of a Kate Spade New York surprise sale, where bags, apparel, shoes, and accessories were up to 75% off. You read that right: 75% off. Needless to say, I stocked up on a few things, which actually just came in the mail the past weekend, and are so perfect that I can’t wait to take pictures of them and share them here.

But then my mother phoned this morning to tell me that the surprise sale is back. I repeat, the surprise up to 75% off Kate Spade New York sale is back. This is the perfect place to pick up that bag that you’ve been ogling for months and waiting for it to go on sale, or to get some Christmas presents for the fashion lovers in your life.

Now, I know that price ranges are relative and some of the reduced prices on some of the items might still be out of range, but when I saw the purse I had fallen for on the website for $149 instead of $359 with the matching wallet, I was beyond excited. Merry Christmas to me.

The sale is on for another two days and can be found here. For most items, you don’t need to enter a promo code; the price will automatically change to the sale price in your shopping bag. There is, however, a bundle shop that you can nose through and see bags and their matching wallets for seriously reduced prices.

I am in exams for the rest of this week, but when I get home, stay tuned for a post all about what I picked up at this sale. And please share with me in the comments below if you get anything Kate Spade. It is one of my favourite brands, and I love seeing what other people like from her.

Happy shopping!!!


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