Coach Summer 2016 Order Unboxing 

Happy sunny Sunday!!! coach sale banner

A few weeks ago, a lovely package from Coach arrived on my doorstep. Coach is one of my favourite brands because of the quality materials and workmanship, and the New York style designs, but lately it has been hit or miss whether I will find 5 styles I love at once, or whether I will go a year or so without finding anything I like. But two purses caught my eye online, and the summer sale with up to 50% off enticed me to order them. Since Coach always has such lovely packaging for their online orders, I wanted to share the unboxing here on the blog.     Both of these handbags are the same style, the Crosstown Crossbody in Pebble Leather, style number 53083. The colours are silver/seaglass and silver/iris, beautiful colour names for beautiful purses. Originally priced, these purses were $195 each, but I was able to purchase them on sale for $97.50 each, which in my opinion is a steal for purses that I had been eyeing for quite some time and know I will use plenty. I love the plated iconic Coach turnlock on the front of these bags, allowing for easy opening/closing. Also, the Minimalist interior means that I can only pack the essentials with me (no more not cleaning out my purse for months at a time), but there is an interior pocket and a rear exterior pocket for slipping things in like movie tickets, or mints from restaurants. I just want to note though that, due to the chain detail on the shoulder strap, it is not adjustable. Luckily, it is the perfect length for me. Also, I do not see a way to remove the strap, but this purse could still be used as a clutch I suppose if the strap were tucked into the purse. This style also comes in the colours light gold/navy, which is a classy pairing that could easily be worn day or night, and silver/canary, a gorgeous vibrant yellow that would add a pop to any outfit, any season.  

What brands and handbags have you been loving this summer??? 

Write your reply here :) :)

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