Taking Summer Courses: Yay or Nay??? 

With my third year of university now at an end, I have potentially only one more year to go before graduation. Yikes!!! Of course, I could tack on another major and a minor and delay graduation by at least another year.

In the event that I want to graduate next spring though, I may need to take summer courses. I have managed to avoid them during my three years in university, but I have been giving them a lot of thought as of late, so I wanted to share with you the list of pros and cons I have come up with about taking summer courses.


  • Shorter course duration
  • Expedite completion of required courses or electives
  • Exposure to different professors and teaching styles
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Different course syllabi from fall/spring courses 


  • Limited course selection
  • Longer lecture duration
  • Information-dense lectures
  • Less time between tests/exams 
  • Are not usually covered by a scholarship unless a full course load is taken 

Have you taken summer courses before??? How did you find them??? Would you recommend them??? Picture 19

Write your reply here :) :)

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