Dior’s Diorshow Mascara


My goodness, so it has been awhile since I published a post, and I can thank none other than university midterms for that (thanks, no thanks). But with another round of them out of the way, I thought I would return to blogging with a bang and share my new favourite mascara:  Diorshow. 


  1. Improved formula with fibres for added lash richness
  2. AIR-LOCK™ wiping system to remove excess mascara from bristles, and reduce the amount of air pushed back into the tube
  3. Stays fresh longer
  4. No clumping or crumbling
  5. Sleek packaging
  6. Formulated without parabens, sulphates, or phthalates
  7. Available in four shades: black, brown, blue, and purple

This mascara made its rounds on the blogosphere about a year ago when the improved formula was released. This new version has an AIR-LOCK™ wiping system designed to remove excess mascara from bristles before application, and to reduce the amount of air pulled into the tube when return want to tube don’t push as much air inside so it stays fresh longer. 

This has been a best-selling product since its release in 2002, so I can imagine the challenges faced by makeup artist and Dior Makeup’s creative director Peter Philips: how to update such an iconic product to take in customer complaints without compromising anything consumers love. The reinvented mascara features a conditioning formula with microfibres designed to extend lashes even more with buildable volume. 

img_0432As you can see here, the XXL brush definitely lives up to its title.  This brush is so big that end-to-end it reaches all of my eyelashes, meaning each brushstroke evenly coats my lashes. I do find it a bit clumsy to wield when doing my bottom lashes, but it does a fantastic job on coating them and separating them.

img_0435Just to show how massive this brush really is, check it out in comparison to the tube size. That’s right. Admittedly, I think the brush is a tiny bit in foreground, but the size increase is negligible. 

My one complaint with this product is I find that it smudges throughout the day, but hey, maybe it’s just me rubbing my eyes because I’m so tired from staying up until the wee hours of the morning studying. 

I acquired this mascara from my mother after she tried it once and claimed it didn’t layer well. I didn’t have any issues applying multiple coats to get the thick, voluminous lash look I was after, but there’s individual differences for you. Anywho, I am so grateful that she gifted it to me because it is CAD $34, which is pricy for my budget. Because of this price, I don’t know if I would repurchase it, but I have been using it for several months and a little does go a long way. Plus, because of the AIR-LOCK™ wiping system, it stays fresh from the first use until the last, I don’t see why I would ever replace it prematurely. So maybe I’ll purchase another one when this one is empty . . . maybe. I don’t know. . . maybe. 

Have you tried this mascara before??? What did you think of it???

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