Blogmas Day 23: Winter Birthdays

blogmasbannerGreetings lovely readers, and welcome to the 23rd day of Blogmas on Literary and Lovely!!!

Today, my family and I celebrated two very special birthdays: that of my grandfather, and that of my mother. My grandfather turned 86, and my mother, well . . . we don’t talk about her age. Almost everyone in my family was born in a winter month, with my birthday in November, my mother, grandfather, and aunt born in December, and my grandmother born in January, so we try to group celebrations together on certain days to make it easier for more of the family to attend the party.


My grandmother decided to make a sunshine yellow cake, which was both pretty and pretty delicious. However, we did encounter a small problem with the candles. Clearly “they don’t make them like they used to” in the words of my grandparents, because the candles melted right into the cake and actually pooled into a big, waxy mess. We didn’t even have them lit that long, which was disappointing. We ended up having to pluck bits of wax off the cake, but it was still just as tasty, albeit a bit bare in spots.


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