Blogmas Day 5: Writing Out Christmas Cards


Happy fifth day of Blogmas all!!!

One of my favourite things about getting in the Christmas spirit is sending Christmas cards to family and friends. I love going through stationary stores and picking out the cards I am going to use each year, and writing out personal messages to everyone. I know snail mail is going out of style, but there is something really special about mailing actual cards, not just firing off a quick email.

This year, I went with these pale pink cards with gold ornaments on them. I picked them up from Chapters a few weeks ago, but now they’re on sale, so if you’d like some, click here. Each box set comes with 15 cards and envelopes, just enough for everyone in my family, and an extra in case I accidentally mess up on one. Writing in pen looks so much better, but it’s so easy to mess up!!!

So how about you: Do you send out Christmas cards???

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