Blogmas Day 3: Musings on a Green Christmas

blogmasbannerGood morning everyone!!!

With Blogmas day 3 underway, I’ve started thinking about what this Christmas will be like. But there is one thing that stands out for me more than anything else: I will have a green Christmas. Truth be told, I have never had a white Christmas. And I live in Canada.

As a Canadian, I get sent memes all the time about how my igloo must be cold, how I was late to school because my polar bear ran away, and how I always have a backup career plan as a zamboni driver. But the reality is that, where I live at least, we get about 1cm of snow every few years if we are lucky. The rest of the time we just get rain. If we do get snow, things get crazy here, because no one is used to it, so no one knows how to drive in it, or how to dress for it (yup, I still see some people out there in shorts).   I have always wanted to do this:

Photo from
Photo from

Just sit in the snow, maybe make a snow fort, snow angels, give life to a snowman that is taller than 12 inches, you know, all those things you see in Christmas cartoons.

Picture 26Back in 2012, I went to Ottawa for a week with a bunch of people from across Canada, and fell in love with the snow. So there I am on Parliament Hill frolicking in the snow, building a mini snowman, and everyone else is just looking at me like I am crazy. From where they came from, the snow was child’s play, literally. But for me, it was the prettiest I’d ever seen snow. And so much of it, too!!!

Now it’s your turn: What is Christmas like where you live???

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