20151009-094026.jpgI don’t think I’ve properly introduced my little girl to you here on my blog: Valentine.
She came into my life in November of 2001 as an early birthday present when I turned 6 as a tiny little kitten. I have always loved cats since I can remember, and my grandparents always had at least one in their house, or around the neighbourhood that my grandfather was secretly feeding and eventually not-so-secretly adopting.
Valentine is my one and only cat, and we have grown up together. For those of you out there who aren’t fans of cats because you think they just eat and sleep and essentially ignore their owners, let me say now that Valentine is not that type of cat. In fact, she is pretty much the complete opposite.
If you ever want to see more of her in action, let me know in the comments and I’ll do more blogposts on her catscapades, if you will.
A few few examples of these include sitting on the kitchen table when I eat breakfast or dinner, sitting right next to, if not on, my homework, sleeping on my laptop so that I end up with a few hundred pages of nonsense strings of letters, and even more shenanigans like these.
And now now for the “proud parent moment” where I just showcase a ton of pictures of my little girl (who is obviously the cutest in the world):
So she looks cute and innocent here, but . . .  20151009-093528.jpg
This was her “helping” me take photos for my post about Clinique’s autumn bonus
This is the face I get every morning when I do my makeup . . .
. . . And when she doesn’t get enough attention, she jumps up on my counter and drinks from my tap
So then I head downstairs for breakfast and have to defend my morning smoothie
When I come home after school to do homework, this is what I have to contend with . . .
. . . And when I try to just focus on my schoolwork, I get this face
But, of course, once I’m finished, she is tired and curls up into a cat croissant to sleep
But then come times I get woken up in the middle of the night to this. . .
And then in the morning I say goodbye to this disapproving look when I have to go to university
Valentine has been such an important part of my life for the past 14 years, and I can’t wait to make even more memories with her. But seriously, I could do without finding cat hair in my morning smoothie or pressed between the pages of all my textbooks.
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