Random Readingisms

This is what happens when I wake up at 5am, can’t get back to sleep, and decide that reorganizing my bedroom is a productive use of my newfound free time. After reorganizing everything, I still had a huge surge of energy, so I jotted down a ton of blog post ideas in my little blogging notebook (yup, I have one of those; hopefully I’m not the only one).

One of the ideas that came out of this spur-of-the-moment brainstorming session was to do a regular bookish segment on this blog. What I came up with was Random Readingisms.

Read·ing·ism   /ˈɹidɪŋˌɪzm/


  1. A habitual or recurring gesture, or way of speaking or behaving around books.
  2. The development and practice of ideosyntratic bookish styles.

So basically, this little segment is going to be about the random things that I as a reader do, or that I notice other readers doing. Here’s an example:

Random Readerisms: Book Stacks

20150717-092142.jpgI am pretty sure that every book lover out there has been in this troubling situation at one point. Buying books is an almost addictive activity, and usually leaves TBR piles to do just that, pile up. But sometimes this gets a little out of hand, and the overflow books that have no place on a shelf end up stacked around the bookshelves. Currently this is the pile that I need to tackle. As you can see, I have a lot of reading ahead of me. But that doesn’t stop me from buying books, as my most recent book haul proves. So now I am faced with two choices: go through my bookshelves and select books that I have read and could donate, or buy a new bookshelf. I actually think I will be doing both. I have already picked out where I am going to donate some books, so I just need to pick out another bookshelf. I’m thinking something like this one:

IKEA hemnes bookshelf $159.00
hemnes bookshelf

Now this might not be the one, as I’ve only looked through IKEA’s white bookshelf selection, and there are plenty of other places to find a suitable shelf. For me, I want to keep all my shelves the same colour so they can be stacked together, but I also think it would look really cool if each bookshelf was a different colour. Kind of like a literary rainbow.

So this is a new little segment that will be appearing on my blog from now on. I hope it will prove to be an interesting and/or entertaining little read, and I would happily welcome suggestions in the comments of readingisms I should blog about. Or better yet, carry this segment over to your blog and link me to your posts so I can read them.



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2 thoughts on “Random Readingisms

  1. Okay then…am I the only one who can’t stand not having books on a shelf? I have a matte black one in my room, that looks absolutely incredible, but it gathers dust so easily it’s unreal. I’ve followed – I’m a writer myself btw, short stories and poetry is kind of my thing. I’ve got a novel in the works too, hopefully manage to keep working on that and get that done ASAP. If you’re interested, I’d love for you to check out my blog (www.kasimskorner.wordpress.com). If not, thanks anyway and have a good day and keep blogging!


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