Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette

IMG_5054I featured this little product number already in my recent Clinique haul post, but I have been using it every day since I got it, so I figured it warranted its own review, where I can gush over how lovely it is, and how much I wish it wasn’t a limited edition product.


  1. Super pigmented
  2. Longwear
  3. Crease-resistant
  4. Fade-resistant
  5. Dual-ended sponge applicator included
  6. Mirrored compact, perfect for traveling
  7. Easy to blend and layer
  8. 8 shades for oodles of day and night looks

So, where to begin with my love for this eye shadow palette. . . First of all, the colours are just so pretty. They are super pigmented, so the colours are vibrant, and they are really easy to blend and layer. Also, of the eight colours, four are soft shimmers, three are super shimmers, and one is a matte. This range of shimmer degrees allows for more subtle day looks or more dramatic night looks, or a mix of a little bit of both. This palette was $40, which for some is a bit pricy, but I had wanted to try it for a really long time and, unlike other eyeshadow palettes I have come across, I love ALL of the colours, so all will get used up.

labelled eyeshadow swatches

(Daybreak really is there, even if it doesn’t show up super well on my paper white skin)

IMG_5068The next big thing that stood out about this product for me is the plastic tray that covers the eyeshadows. I think this was just part of the protective packaging, but I actually really like it. It keeps all the eyeshadows in their place so little grains don’t go hopping over into the next pan (yup, I did just give eyeshadow grains sentience). Plus, it also lines the section for the applicator, so that grains from the applicator don’t stick to the compact.

For application, I personally prefer using a brush, but the included sponge applicator is one of the better ones I’ve used. Since it’s dual-ended, each side can be used for two colours. This is how I divided up my applicator usage:

Applicator End 1:

Side 1- Alabaster and Daybreak

Side 2- Moroccan Brown and At Dusk

Applicator End 2:

Side 1- Sahara Sun and Light Shade of Starlight Starbright Duo

Side 2- Jute Brown and Chocolate Bark

Dividing up my applicator usage may have been a bit obsessive and unnecessary, but I found it to be really helpful so that the included applicator could be used with all colours with minimal cross-colour mixing.

This palette is perfect for traveling. It has all essential neutral eyeshadow shades, so you don’t have to pack a whole bunch of individual colours and, with the included applicator, brushes can be left at home. Even better, the net weight of this palette is under 100g, so it can be taken on the plane in your carry-on bag. It is always good to pack a few beauty essentials in your carry-on in case your luggage is lost, and this eyeshadow palette is a must.

I think my only complaint with this product would be the packaging. I love how its all silvery and reflective, but fingerprints stick to it, and it looks a little messy. It is, however, really durable. The other day, my cat was sitting on my bathroom counter watching me do my makeup (yes, this is a normal, everyday occurrence) and she knocked the palette off the counter. Luckily it was closed, but I was still pretty upset and worried that they had broken, but they were all intact.


Now, there is another related Clinique product that deserves a little shout out here: the Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes and Lips. It is by far the best makeup remover I have found to date. One swipe, and all makeup is gone. It takes off the eyeshadows included in this palette so easily, and it comes in travel sizes so, once again, perfect for traveling. As you can see, mine is just over half gone, and I have already purchased a replacement, because I wouldn’t last a day without this.

Have you tried this eyeshadow palette before, or any of the other All About Shadow 8-Pan Palettes??? What did you think of them???

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