Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

IMG_5034As I mentioned in my recent Sephora haul post, I picked up this little foundation number after trying and loving Make Up For Ever’s Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation, and wanting to give their liquid foundation a go. After testing it out the past few days on its own and with some of my other makeup products, I wanted to post a review of my thoughts on this product because I like writing reviews and I think this product is worth sharing with you.

So, let’s start with the features, shall we???


  1. Medium- to full-coverage
  2. Flawless finish
  3. “Soft focus effect,” meaning it stands up against bright, prolonged light
  4. Oil-free
  5. Formulated with Relipidium (moisturizes skin), Fucogel (prevents dehydration), and Sericite (enhances light ray refraction to illuminate complexion)
  6. Lightweight texture
  7. 26 shades to pick from

*Note: This product is a Sephora exclusive foundation*


IMG_5041This liquid foundation comes in a total of 26 shades, ranging from 110 Pink Porcelain to 185 Ebony. I picked up 110 Pink Porcelain and, like I said about MUFE’s powder foundation, I am amazed by how perfectly its lightest shade matches my skin tone. Liquid foundations in particular seem to have their lightest shade airing on the yellowish side, and I end up looking rather like I misapplied spray-on tan, but this one is designed for skin with pink undertones, and not just any skin: porcelain skin!!! Thank you Make Up For Ever for acknowledging a shade lighter than ivory.

The foundation has a pump, which is so lovely because I absolutely detest trying to get liquid foundation out of the bottom of the container. I apply this foundation by pumping a little bit on to the back of my hand, and evenly brushing it directly onto my skin with a foundation brush (actually, with a blush brush, but that’s beside the point). Now, with this foundation, only a little dollop is needed. With some foundations, I have found that I need to use a ton before I start to notice any real coverage, but with this one, less is definitely more in order to maintain its invisibility on the skin. However, I will not be using this as my daily foundation. I love how it makes my skin look, but I want to save it for special events and holidays when I know my grandmother will make me be in family photographs for the rest of eternity no matter what I look like.

Also, I don’t think I would recommend this product to anyone with acne prone skin. My skin is normal to combination, with little to no blemishes or dry patches, so this foundation worked wonders for me to even out my skin tone and give me that flawless look. But after reading many, many reviews of this product, it appears that it does not do so well when trying to cover up acne, and it can stick to dry patches, so I would try it with caution. Actually, if you can, I would recommend popping into a Sephora or borrowing it from a friend so you can test it before buying it.

This foundation was quite pricy at $50, and I really have to stop shopping at Sephora for awhile because these upscale brands are not good for my bank account, but I really do love it, and think it was worth it. Also, because only a little bit is required for full coverage, I am hoping it will last longer than other foundations I have tried.

What do you think of Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Cover Foundation??? Is it as invisible for you as it claims to be???

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a lovely day 🙂 🙂

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  1. Oooo this sounds good!! Love this post. Would be amazing if you could check out my latest post xxx


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