5 Classic Novels, 5 Clickbait Titles

While reading 101 Books, a hilarious yet insightful book blog that chronicles its author’s journey through reading Time Magazine‘s 100 greatest novels, I came across a post titled “11 Classic Novels Reimagined With Clickbait Titles“. The post title itself has a clickbait quality to it, and I was intrigued. What I found was 11 hilarious clickbait titles written for classic novels like The Great Gatsby, Lord of the RIngs, and Gone With the Wind. 

The post made me laugh numerous times, so I thought I might try my hand at coming up with clickbait titles for some classic novels. So here are five clickbait titles I would give to classic novels:


Man Proves Friend Zone Can Be Breached! Find Out How!

Picture 30

What Scientist Created From Parts Of Dead Bodies Will Shock And Haunt You!

Picture 35

 Guess What Woman Found In Her Husband-To-Be’s Attic! (Hint: They Are Married)

Picture 36

Find Out Man’s Secret At-Home Way To Stop Aging That Is Making Doctors Furious!

Picture 41

She Weaves Words Into Webs And Saves A Pig, And No One Knows Who She Is. So Why Does She Like Being Invisible? 

If you want to give it a try, head over to 101 Books (linked above) for some ideas, and then get writing!!! Please leave your ideas in the comments below, or share a link to your post!!!

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