Covergirl Eyeshadow Quads

IMG_4981Apparently Covergirl began releasing these new eyeshadow quads in early December in the states, but this is the first I have seen of them up here in Canada, and I am loving them!!!

These Covergirl Eyeshadow Quads Come in six colour variations, and have such darling names like Notice Me Nudes and Va Va Violets.

Either they are already gaining popularity in Canada, or it was the sale that did it, because when I stopped in to the cosmetic section of my nearest drugstore, some colours had only one quad left, and others were entirely sold out. It seemed like a good sign, and I was intrigued with the new range of colours, so I scooped up these two and gave them a try.


Notice Me Nudes
Va Va Violets

While my sensible side told me that I already had plenty of eyeshadow palettes with similar shades, I couldn’t resist these. The formula, the packaging-I loved it all. The price seemed a little steep at $10.49, but the sale made it better. The formula is soft and velvety, so they go on smooth and full, and they have a creamy consistency with a lovely metallic sheen. In contrast to other drugstore eyeshadows I have tried, these ones almost have a refined sparkle, making them perfect for day or evening wear.

Swatch of Notice Me Nudes
Swatch of Va Va Violets

Something I feel is important to note is the consistency. These eyeshadows are fairly powdery, and thus a fair bit falls under the eye during application. Because of this, brush application is out, and I would recommend using the enclosed wand or a sponge. I would also recommend using a primer, as the lightest shade tends to fade out over the course of the day, and primer helps keep the colour on fully and evenly.

The best part abut these quads in my opinion is exactly that: they are quads. With each palette containing four shades, the trouble of hunting down coordinating shades is saved, yet not all shades necessarily need to be worn at the same time. When testing them, I used the lightest shade as the base, the middle shade for the lid, the darker shade in the crease, and the darkest shade as a liner or definer.

So far I am very happy with these quads, and I hope to pick up some more when the closest drug store to me gets more in stock.

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4 thoughts on “Covergirl Eyeshadow Quads

  1. Hey 🙂

    Those quads are so lovely! They remind me a bit of the L’Oreal Color Riche (Smokey Eyes) quads.
    Great post and love that you included swatches 🙂



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