Clinique’s Cheek Pop Blush Pop Collection

Clinique Pop Blush PopClinique is welcoming spring early with the release of their new cheek pop blushers!!! I am pretty sure these were released some time in 2014 in other countries, but in Canada we only got them a few weeks ago, and I am already hooked on them. These new blushers come in four shades: ginger pop, plum pop, berry pop, and peach pop. At $24 a pop (no pun intended, though you have to admit it’s witty), I only picked up the two I thought would go best with my complexion: plum pop and ginger pop.

Plum Pop
Plum Pop
Ginger Pop
Ginger Pop

They are so pretty, and beyond wonderful to use, with the most natural looking finish I have come across in a blusher in quite some time. Plus, check out how cute the packaging is!!! I have to admit, the clear packaging and embossed flower lured me in, but the product did not disappoint.

The blushers in the Cheek Pop blush collection have an unbelievably lightweight and silky texture. They go on super smoothly and, while they apply like a powder blush, the finish resembles more that of a cream blush. Loving the satiny finish!!!

Personally, I am addicted to Plum Pop. It is a cool-toned sheer pink that adds a hint of rosy glow and definition to my cheeks, which is much appreciated in the Canadian winter months, where there are more cloudy and rainy days devoid of sun that I care to admit. I also adore Ginger Pop, but it is more of a sheer, earthy nude, which I want to save for the summer when my face needs a little brightening, and the sun isn’t shining as much as I might like.

Once again, Clinique has reminded me why they are my favourite makeup brand.

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5 thoughts on “Clinique’s Cheek Pop Blush Pop Collection

  1. Weve had the original 4 in the collection for almost a year here in Canada? Maybe it’s just where you are? They been in Vancouver since a few weeks after they launched in the US. There are 4 new colours for spring 2015, maybe that’s where the confusion comes in?


    1. Just checked out your Instagram picture of Clinique’s new releases of Rose Pop, Pansy Pop, Pink Pop, and Melon Pop. Never seen them, but they look amazing!!! I think my city is just behind the curve there. We got the original four colours maybe a month ago.


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