Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks

So awhile ago, Clinique released 8 new long last matte lipstick shades, and I have to say, I completely and utterly ADORE them!!! The long last formula offers full, velvety coverage, keeps colour looking fresh, and prevents fading, drying out, and feathering. This, paired with a soft matte finish, is essentially my soulmate in a lipstick. My lipmate, if you will.

While I did not pick up all 8, as certain shades do not look good with my skin tone, I scooped up as many of these babies as I could, and I wanted to share them with you 🙂 🙂

Matte Petal
Matte Petal

Matte Petal is a cool soft pink that is wonderfully subtle and is perfect for every day wear in the springtime, or for evening wear if you’re planning on having more dramatic eye makeup. Personally, I will be wearing this all throughout the spring and summer, but lately I have been wearing it in the winter, because it just brightens things up a little, and it is nice and casual, so it pairs well with a comfy sweater and some jeans on a rainy day here in Canada.



Matte Magenta
Matte Magenta

Matte Magenta is a bright, vibrant fuchsia that is ideal for summer, but it may be too bright for some people. I quite like this shade though, because it makes the lips the focus of the face, so that a lighter eye makeup can be worn, and it can still be an evening lipstick shade, perfect for making a black dress pop.




Matte Crimson
Matte Crimson

Matte Crimson is quite literally that, a vibrant crimson red. I was on the hunt quite a long while for the perfect red lipstick, and I finally found it in Matte Crimson. I had been using Clinique’s Red Red Red, but it was a little on the orange side, and I found that other brands had mostly orange reds, but Matte Crimson is this beautiful rich red with blue undertones so that it comes out more on the pink side if anything. Also, because it is a long last, it doesn’t smear or fade, so it is ideal for dinner parties or date night, because it stays put.


Matte Plum
Matte Plum

Matte Plum is, once again, fairly self-explanatory, but it is a vibrant purple plum. Now I was wary of this, as it definitely looks purple on display at the counter, and it goes on purple, but please trust me when I say that it looks so gorgeous on. Honestly, I wear this shade everywhere, whether I’m grocery shopping, at school, hanging out with friends, or heading out for a nice dinner. It really is a multi-purpose shade, and it doesn’t fade during wear, so there won’t be any unfortunate transitions from rich purple to sad washed out deep pink. I know purple lipstick isn’t for everyone, but I gambled, and I don’t regret it in the least.

The other four shades are Matte Peony (warm vibrant pink), Matte Mandarin (vibrant citrus orange/coral), Matte Beauty (rose), and Matte Suede (light nude). Each of these lipsticks is $19. I plan on picking up Matte Beauty the next time I pass by a Clinique counter, but the other colours just aren’t for me. I seriously encourage you to check them out though, because one of them could be your next ideal shade, and it would be a shame to miss out on it. Check them out soon though, because right now, at least in Canada, Hudson’s Bay has Clinique’s Spring 2015 free gift with purchase going on, which means, if you spend $31 or more, you receive a nice little cosmetic bag of Clinique goodies. I love these, as they are the perfect opportunity to test out new products, as well as score travel sizes of products you know and love, like the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. Plus, the cosmetics cases are amazing for travel, and have the prettiest patterns.

Please let me know in the comments what your favourite Clinique lipstick shades are. Are you loving the new soft matte shades???

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