The Beginning

So this is what’s going down: I am going to be blogging about all things book and beauty related. Please feel free to join me if you would like to; I will happily welcome anyone who wishes to pop on over every now and then to see what I’ve been reading, or what beauty products I just can’t get enough of. But you don’t have to. I don’t mind.

I considered starting a  book blog awhile ago, but so often I stray from things that I start without a clear purpose, void of deadlines and due dates (classical conditioning from years of schooling maybe???). That, and I didn’t know what books to blog about, or when to blog about them. I could just blog about “classic” novels . .  but what about all of the wonderful contemporary work out there that I would be missing out on??? I could blog about books that readers suggested . . . well that was a nice thought, except without a few posts under my belt, there would be no readers to ask. The other little problem was that books were not the only thing I liked. I absolutely loved reading beauty blogs, and I wanted to join that blogging community as well.

So, I decided to put my two main interests, books and beauty, together into this neat little internet nook. If all goes according to plan (for the most part), I should be posting a whimsical commentary, a review, a little something to ponder, or something along those lines, a few times per month. But of course this will depend on my university schedule, as I am a second year student with homework galore, and whether I have stumbled upon a to-die-for product that I just have to share. Regardless, my posts will be about the books I am currently reading, or the products I am loving.

So, here I go!!!

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